When it comes to GDPR, many people still think it means a disaster for email marketing. A couple of months ago, I was really amused by one of our competitors who recommended to delete most of the mailing lists and start almost from scratch if you haven't consented from your contacts and even claimed that it will help your marketing effort!

In fact, the situation is much more favorable and if you didn't do really harsh things like buying databases of millions of addresses and send them mass emails offering blue pills, you can most likely continue as usual.

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  • 18.8% of email contacts lost yearly.
  • About 27% of losses come from unsubscriptions
  • You can decrease it by two-thirds

A link for unsubscription is an evitable part of any marketing email. Even true spammers usually respect your right to unsubscribe. Companies, on the other hand, don’t like watching how their precious database decays over time.

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91% open rate for your messages?

  • SMS have excellent average open rates (over 90%)
  • Open-rate adjusted costs of SMS could be almost the same as the costs of the email
  • Click rates of SMS are similar to email (1-4%)

A marketer’s dream is that the customer would read almost every email sent. However, with open rates between 20-25 % it is far from being reality. However, there is a channel with open rates higher than 90% on average: SMS.

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The Advantages of A/B Testing

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Do we have to implement opt-in to be GDPR compliant?

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Do you avoid spam traps?

Do you know spam traps? If not, your email marketing results could be terribly harmed. Spam traps could decrease the deliverability of your emails by tens of percents or even lead to the fact you will not be able to deliver almost anything.

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Do season's greetings pay off?

It does not always pay-off to wish Happy New Year to your customers. Incomaker drives your marketing using data and therefore can unveil interesting relationships. 
Christmas PFs have about 31% higher unsubscription rates than other campaigns of the same company for the same audience on average. Christmas spirit does not seem to help your marketing.
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Startupper's Guide to Tech Shows

In 2017, Incomaker was exhibiting at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York, San Francisco, and Berlin, at Web Summit in Lisbon, and at Slush in Helsinki (just events abroad mentioned). All the events we have visited this year to show our intelligent marketing platform are tech conferences/exhibitions, and they are pretty similar in principle. Did it pay off? What should startups expect from the exhibitions?

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The longer a customer uses a software product, the higher the revenue of the software provider. Start-up Incomaker, which develops a marketing automation platform will introduce a new feature called Fuzzy at WebSummit tech-event in Lisbon 6.-9. 11. 2017. It monitors what features of the software users do not use and if it finds one that could be helpful for a particular customer it recommends it actively.

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AI in marketing - lessons learned from the conference

On Monday 9.10.2017, Incomaker had a presentation at Marketing Monday in Prague.

A common conclusion agreed by virtually all speakers was that there is nothing like AI if we understand artificial intelligence as something that could resemble or even replace human reasoning. There is nothing like that and most likely will not be. It is more accurate to speak about machine learning, deep learning, various sophisticated statistical algorithms, automation, etc.

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